Nawle Online Study Guide

What is Our Objective?

Reduce higher education cost

We run for reduce cost occurred during physical classroom. We offered virtual classroom which is interactive students can ask quotation during live class and at same time professors can answer for same. This consent is already from many business but our USP is we recommended local classes which helps to improve understanding of student. Most of education portal not able do that because they are not connected to ground. Our spatial team on ground for Relationship management and Service Support to Institute and Colleges. We started with higher education because this cost high. Our objective is reduce this cost and grow skilled among the youngster.

We also reduce cost of book by presenting eBook with new security features which safe copy right contents of local publisher.

We offered video tutorial which shared by public and expertise both.

Increase skilled in professional

This portal use full for working employee to empower skill and contribute more for working organization and get appreciation and promotion.

Educate society in their time convince

We are run for education equality among the society. Now days royal family spend more to educate their son/daughters in high standard colleges and money becomes barrier for other poor and middle family financially not strong. Rural area facing problem of traveling and not possible to go in city because financially unstable.

Develop knowledge sharing experience

Our objective is increase knowledge sharing standard. Make habitual to society for knowledge sharing.